Friday, December 22, 2006

330Ci Diaries, Day 1

The 330 Ci is packed w/kibbles and sweaters, and we our off to retrieved OoRah and Trixie!

Left the our crib an hour ahead of schedule (9am), but still managed to hit congestion in La La Land. Once we creeped through L.A., we were cruising along w/no worries until we hit the Grapevine...the wind was rough and temps drop to 38 degrees. But the 330 is rock solid and we made it through w/no worries. After the Grapevine, instead of continuing on I-5, some how we ended up on I-99, but didnt realize we were on I-99 until after an hour into it. So I ring my father (the walking map) and again it was no worries as I-99 runs into the I-5 at Sacramento. (Yes, we had a map and even navigation, but had to check w/pop's to make sure all was cool). I-99, traffic was smooth and free, weather was nice.

After being in the 330Ci for 460 miles and singing out loud and out of key 'Benny & the Jetts', we decided to take rest at Embassy Suites in Old Townee Sacramento. Once we got our gear together, showered, etc. we headed out on foot to explore Old Townee (awesome place). We were also in search of a digital camera as mine kanked in Tulare while I was attempting to take a pic of Scott. Luckily I have my trusted Minolta if I cant purchase a digital prior to getting the pups.

The last exciting event of our day happened while eating dinner at Rio Cafe (great food, coffee and the best Chocolate Souffle I ever had), one of Scott's tooth fillings popped out (I was laughing my ass off). Reckon it's time for Scott to go see the dentist.

Any who, we are popped and gonna hit the sack. Hopefully I will have pics on the next posting. We should arrive in OR tomorrow.


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