Sunday, December 24, 2006

330Ci Diaries, Day 2

Sacramento was a cool lil rest stop. We "briefly" saw the our State's Capitol, said "oohh and aww" and jumped on I-5 and proceeded north. I dont know what city it was, but there were heaps of Canadian Geese and Snow Geese flying in formation, feeding off the land. It was beautiful.

We took a quick rest stop in Redding (also hit the Best Buy there and got a new digital camera). Per the recommendations of my friend Rene, we picked up the Olympus 720 (thanx Rene).

After Redding comes Mt. that is a breath taking drive. Snow was blanketed on the mtns, but no chains were required (whew). Hit some heavy rain in Medford, OR, but once we got on Grants Pass, the sun peaked out from the clouds.

So we are driving looking for the hotel that we originally planned to stay in and once we found it, I am not kidding, it looked like the Bate's Motel out of 'Psycho' movie. I said "Oh no a sista cant stay here." (Gretchen, you are brave girl to stay there. I give you props...that place looked scary.) We got out of the car to further inspect the place, rang the doorbell and luckily no one answered, so we jumped back in the car and got a room at the Holiday Inn Express.

Any who, God blessed us w/another great driving day and we made our destination and we pick up OoRah and Trixie tomorrow.


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