Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Momma's Birthday & Labor Day!!

Happy Birthday to our momma!!! Can you believe she turned 44 years young!?! So this morning we took momma to the beach, out for breakie and then relaxed/sunbathed in the backyard. Momma said it was "perfect".
At the beach we came across a dead Starfish. So we decided to take it home, will let it dry out and eventually place it in a shadow box.
Mother Nature's beautiful makings.
OK, so it's not camping out in the wild or being on a adventurous road trip for 12 days like our Uncle Rene' did, but it was good fun camping in the backyard Saturday night.
Enough picture taking...time to get some sleep.
Hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend.


WolfDen said...

Happy Birthday Iilandia!!!

~WOLVINYA~ said...

Happy Hot Birthday Bootzzz!!!!
Seems like you really had great fun!!

So what's your secret?
How come you get older,yet you don't age?


Rene Bruce said...

Yahoo 44 gots to luv it !! me just 2yrs behind ya !! Backyard camping fun, next time invite us !!! Were good for that stuff !! anyhow glad you had a Rockin B-Day !!! we luv YA !!!

Kia Pancho & Rene

iilandia said...

thanx ya'll.

have no secret...good genes i reckon.


madcorona said...

happy birthday iilandia