Sunday, September 7, 2008

Only in Southern Cali...Dog Surf-a-Thon!!!

Today was the 3rd Annual Surf Dog ya know what that's up baby!
Kia was in the first heat...of course she was surfing with style in her golden locks wig.
Nice ride Kia. This dog was patiently waiting his turn to go out and catch a ride.
Uh oh...then it was time for to partake in the "Beach Bum" costume contest. Check out OoRah in his Gecko costume.
And we're walking the cat walk.
Then it was back out to the water to help Lance aka "Super Star" get his surf on.
Though Lance wasn't as graceful as some of the dogs...he gave it a go and his momma Kellie raised over $700.00 and walked away with some nice gifts. "Yeah baby."
Now this dog got it down.
Even though OoRah was not in the surf contest, this was a sport that caught his attention and his liking. Daddy giving him a lil push out...
And look at OoRah go...he's surfing.
Paws to the nose baby!
After OoRah surfed a couple times, Trixie decided to give it a go, but OoRah had to join in.
Tandem surfing it is.
Heading out to the wave.
Oh yeah...we're surfing.
Was a kick ass day at the beach. Next year OoRah and Trixie will definitely be competing in the surf contest. To my surprised, they loved surfing...reckon gotta go out and purchase a surf board for em. Congrats again to Lance and Kia for a job well done.


WolfDen said...

This is soooooo cool!!!!

~WOLVINYA~ said...

Lav sees OoR rather without his shorts...

Cool surfing!!!!!!
Crazy OoRah to join his sis.

And René; why in Hell did you stick a dead rotant on Kia's head?!!


madcorona said...

how cool is that, you finally managed to do a thing we dont have here LOL great job iilania

Rene Bruce said...

Yay, was Fun Kia's says ! Next year we will be a team :)

as for that comment, Walvinya.. ahh.. for Attention of Course !!! ;)

BTW that big doggy in Pink, I put up kool vid, just go to youtube type in Kiapet and scroll till ya see it, great music Greater Dog !

And thanks to I and S for driving us Half way down ! and feeding Popa he sure did get hungry pushing that Kia dog.. lol

~WOLVINYA~ said...

But Kia is a natural beauty...
She doesn't need accessorizing.

"You go girl! Work that splendour!!!", Sorcia mutters.