Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to OoRah, Trixie & Zoey!

Today we celebrated our birthday...a whopping 2 years young!!! Our birthday was extra special as we got to celebrate it with our litter mate sister Zoey. Our day started off at 7:00 a.m. with a group hike at Top of World in Laguna Beach.
Check out Uncle Rene's new hot girlfriend, Chris, giving a shout out.
The boys with their dogs.
Mommas friend from work, Kathryn even joined the hike...and this was her first hike ever!!! Top of the World is a challenging climb and she did an amazing job.
After our hike we went to Madison's to get our grub on....we had French Toast...yummy. Once our tummy's were satisfied, it was time to get cuddly and cozy, and that means hanging out in mommas' lap.
Trixie squeezing in to get some love.
After Madison's, we came home took a lil nap then headed to the beach. We didn't stay long as it was very windy out. But we were there long enough for OoRah to "sit pretty" and express how happy he was for such a wonderful birthday.
Birthdays are not complete without cake. OK, so it's not a cake, but we got some kool treats from 3 Dog Bakery. Momma put a candle in the center of the treat and sung happy birthday to us.
We would like to thank our Grandmama Baldwin for sending us a nice birthday gift. And also to Zoey's parents Kimberly and Erin, Uncle Rene, Cousins Kia and Poncho V, Chris and Kathryn for taking part in our birthday. And to our loves in the Netherlands, Auntie Booty, Lav and Sor for sending us a beautiful e-card.
We are blessed to have such great family and friends.


WolfDen said...

Happy Birthday Oorah & Trixie!

Seems you both had a great day with a great hike with friends!!

WolfDen said...

Oops forgot Happy Birthday to Zoey to!

~WOLVINYA~ said...

O,T&Z: Congrats, you guys had a rockin' B-day!!!
Great hike!!!!!!!!

Lots of lickzzz.

O: I hunger for you.

T: You sexy you!

And lots of kizzzezzz & hugzzz from me!!!!

iilandia said...

thanx ya'll...


Kaya-Sioux said...

Happy Birthday Oorah & Trixie and Zoey. You got a great blog !!

madcorona said...

happy bday oorah and trixie,wow just one year younger then my ka
kaya sais hi to her family in cali