Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Starting to Feel Like Fall

Though the past months have felt like summer (and no doubt it's been wonderful), but it was a pleasant change to experience more seasonal temperatures this weekend. Plus, the cooler weather helped the Fire Fighters in containing the fires that blazed and caused distraught throughout Southern Cali last weekend.
Trixie and OoRah checking out the swell before heading out to play in the water. "I think we can handle that" Trixie says.
The ocean temperature was still warm enough to romp in.
It's not a beach day unless OoRah stalks his sister.
And of course engage in some American Indian wrestling.
And silliness.
As always, we had a great time at the beach. But ya gotta check out our extended family in The Netherlands. They had snow this weekend and still went for their scheduled hike. Now that's dedication.
Momma said she is going to take us up to the mountains, if and when we get snow this season...burrr.
Turkey day is 4 days away...everybody have a good one.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

:'-{ So much sun makes me sob...
I long for it!!!! And you can have the damn snow.

Still, no hazard fires over here!

Wishing you a wonderful time with your Turkey!!!

iilandia said...

LOL!!! i love the sun, but our pour Mother Earth in Cali is dry as an old lady's coochie. suppose to rain this week. we'll see.


WolfDen said...

Yes we HAD snow...only one day.
But we had a great hike!

Have a great Turkey!!