Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cold Christmas in Cali

Despite the weather, we did sneak to the beach in between rain storms...but it was cold.
On our afternoon hike we came across a big tree and couldn't resist climbing it.
Momma said she can't remember the last time she climbed a tree.
Any who, we just wanted to send an shout out and hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We sure did.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

A very loving Xmas Bootzzz!

Cold; yeah, sure.
You're not even wearing a coat, let alone gloves or a real bonnet.
Can't even spot any hard nipples.

Over here: 30 degrees Fahrenheit...
Hard nipples all over the place!!!


iilandia said...

LOL!!! well it was about 50 degrees. seeing how i dont have porn boobs, hard to spot the nips. :)

~WOLVINYA~ said...

So why do men always think a woman is aroused when she's got hard nipps?
The thing is, men get aroused by these hard nipps.

Sigh, men are so easy to please...

Anonymous said...