Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Surfing & More Fun

We hit the surf again...practice makes perfect ya know. And today we had the whole gang with us. Momma and Auntie Julie striking a pose before heading out to surf. "Oh yeah...hotness"
"Let's hit it!"
Sammy was the first to ride...though this wasn't much of a ride, it was a good attempt.
OoRah taking a break to show his sexiness. "This sexy smile is for you Lav."
Even though we are suppose to be practicing our surfing skills, still have to make time for a lil American Indian wrestle, with wetsuits and all.
Trixie's turn.
Kia riding the whitewash...go girl!
Sammy coming to Kia's rescue..."I'll save ya baby" Sammy says.
Time to introduce the new kid in the family, Hector. Uncle Rene' got him from the shelter and he is just adorable. Momma and Hector having some nice words. And Sammy giving his momma a kiss.
Hector is suave'...check him out looking at mommas porn boobs. "Naughty."
Oh yeah...more hotness.
After surfing and playing, Uncle Rene settled in on the sand with his camera and took some amazing pics. Thanx Uncle Rene!
The first weekend in May was a great way to kick off the month. No complaints here as everyone is all smiles.
Thanx for stopping by.

Peace & Love, OoRah, Trixie and their momma too!