Monday, May 25, 2009

We Know, We Know!

We know we haven't published a post in a while...but we're here now and don't we look grand. ;)
Today is Memorial Day...and since momma didn't have to work, we got the weekend off practicing surfing. Not that we don't love to surf, but it was nice to romp, wrestle and just be the crazy dogs we are at the beach this morning.
Our best buddy Sammy joined in on the fun as well.
Sammy and OoRah running from crazy Trixie, sharing secrets and a laugh.
Sammy thinks he is an American Indian Dog. Oh Sammy if only you knew.
Three weeks ago, it was Mother's Day and our Grandpapa and Grandmama came to visit. Our momma took em out to a nice brunch. It's always good to see Grandpapa and Grandmama. We wish they would visit more.
Some very exciting news involves our Auntie Elke and the new member of her family, Kylia. Congrats and we look forward to seeing Kylia grow up to be a beautiful young ummm bitch.
Hoping everybody had a great holiday weekend.

As always, thanx for stopping by.


O&T and their momma too!


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Thanx for the screentime!

So how did OoRah respond to the pic?
He's got his heart set on his Lav of course, but I'm sure he glanced at little Kylia, hot damsel in the making.


iilandia said...

Kylia is beautiful...but Lav is mature and sensual...OoRah will stick w/his main love Lav. :)