Sunday, June 14, 2009

California Sunday

What do Californians do on a Sunday morning...they hit the surf baby! Momma giving OoRah a good luck kiss before he heads out to practice surfing.
The 3 Musketeers all suited up in their life preservers.
Did we mention that the swell was huge!!! Trixie getting carried out by daddy. Even though we planned our practice at low tide, we didn't realize that there was a major swell in town. "Whoa is me" Trixie says.
Trixie setting it up, getting ready to work it out. Look at that concentration.
Oh, wipe out!!!
Sammy trying to hitch a ride with Trixie....tandem surfing.
OoRah's turn.
"Not yet, give me a smaller wave please" OoRah says.
"OK, I can ride this one, I think."
Sammy's turn.
After we got done practicing, daddy decided to ride some waves to show us how it's done. "Go daddy!"
Despite the swell being huge, we had a great time. No matter what the conditions, it's always fun hanging out at the beach.

Until next time...rock on baby!



~WOLVINYA~ said...

Lav is druling in front of the screen watching her man being sexy in his wetsuit...
She's forgotten all about Bandit instantly!


SurfinPaws said...

CowaCanine Batman !