Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Surf Practice...but...

Today was our last surf practice before the big event...but we think the humans had more fun (in the water) than us dogs. Looks like we've gone back in time...momma is stylish on the beach with her swim cap.
Momma and Auntie Julie are all smiles.
Auntie Julie giving the thumbs up.
Once again the swell was a bit big for us to surf in, but we got wet any way. "Did we really have a choice?" OoRah says.
Sammy giving it a go. "But we think its best Sammy if you open your eyes!"
Sammy is determined just like his momma. "OK, I'll try one more time."
Trixie says "Yes the humans did have more fun. We just want to romp on the beach...leave the water sports to y'all. But its all good."
If we don't chat with y'all, have a great 4th of July and hope to see ya at the surf event.



madcorona said...

looks cool, good job O & R

madcorona said...

illandia, good luck today!!!!!