Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Surf-A-Thon

"The day is finally here...time to rock baby!"

"Let's do this." OoRah says.

Setting it up for a ride.

"Oh yeah...I'm riding it." OoRah says.

OoRah is looking good on the wave.

Last ride OoRah shares it with daddy.

Momma giving OoRah much love for a job done well. OoRah placed 5th out of 9th.

Trix is up...waiting to head out for her heat.

There she goes.

Setting it up.

"Oh shit, I'm surfing now" Trixie says.

Last ride with daddy.

"I'm tired momma." Trixie says. Trixie did a great job and place 6th out of 11th.

Check out Louie...he took 2nd place in his heat...but not sure if he was there to surf or be a sexy model. Work it Louie.

Congrats to Kia for taking 1st place in her division and 6th place overall.

Was a great day and an awesome way to end our summer.

Ruffs...see y'all next time.


~WOLVINYA~ said...

Wow! Y'all look splendid!!!

Lav loves OoR's sexyness.

And lil' Louie; don't know what to think of that. But he does look proud to wear a gay outfit!

Oh and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent ratings!

LOV~E~, Lavinya, Leilaney & the Pack

WolfDen said...

Hurrah for our surfing cousins!!!

Well done!!

We are proud of you!

madcorona said...

wel done, surfing aidogs, we dont have them

iilandia said...

thanx all for the congrats...we need to get em surfing over there...would be a huge hit!

madcorona said...

thats the only sport Ka wont do, she hates being on things on the water, man have to drag her over a little bridge,to bad