Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's F#@king Hot in Cali!!

Is there any way to stay kool in hot and drought stricken Cali...yeah hang out near the beach...though the beach temps are in the high 90s...not much koolness there. "Hey Netherlands, send us some of your kool weather and water."

The 3 Musketeers relaxing in the shade.

Hope every one's summer was a great one. Unbelievable that autumn starts in 17 days.

Next week is the Del Mar Surf-a-Thon...wish us luck.



~WOLVINYA~ said...

You look real cool in all of the heat.
And here I am in my winter sweater... Don't think you can use our storms though.

Have a great preparation for the Surf-a-Thon and that this time everything will go smooth.

LOV~E~, Lavinya, Leilaney & the Pack

WolfDen said...

All the best luck for those surfing!!

And believe me you don't need our weather!