Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laid back

This weekend was laid back. Daddy has a opportunity for a Government job, thus he had to prepare his presentation for Monday. Therefore, we chilled and helped him out. Of course we went mountain biking in Deer and Mountain Lion Country. Saturday we saw a Deer, but momma didn't have her camera.
We didn't spot any Deer this morning, but had a great ride.
In the afternoon, we helped momma with her new camera. Trixie was the model and was trying to figure out which was her "good" side.
And, of course we had to get our tandem Frisbee on. Presentation or's Frisbee time!
Yeah baby!

We hope that our Auntie Kellie and cousin Lance did a great job at the Surf with Your Dog, Surf-a-thon in Del Mar, CA. Hopefully Uncle Tony got some pics of her and Lance and we can post them on the blog.

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