Monday, September 3, 2007

Lazy & Hot Labor Day

Happy Labor Day y'all! We got on the trail early this morning before it started heating up. The temperature was already high 70's.
We ran into our buddy Boggie.
And into our human friend, whom we don't know his name...but we greet him just about every morning. He's been walking this trail for the past 10 years.
" Momma is eating an Acai' bowl. If i hypnotise her with my blue and green eyes, maybe she will give me some."
"Yeah baby, that was tasty."
OoRah is trying to get some shut eye, but momma won't let him.
"O.K., I will poise handsome real quickly if you let me go back to sleep."
It's a hot day in Cali and hoping everyone stayed cool on this Labor Day.

1 comment:

Wolvinya said...

Trixie looks weird,staring into the lens like that. Do you know that I never noticed before that both her eyes are of a different color? How interesting!
And OoRah's just a big cuddly toy!!!