Saturday, September 15, 2007

Luring Rocks!

All we can say is "Luring Rocks!" We ran six runs today. Check out OoRah's first run below.
Sights on the lure.
Check out Trixie's first run.
"Go Baby Go!"
"Oh Yeah!"
We met our new pal, Diamond. She represented the Greyhounds and boy was she fast.
Sweet cornering action.
Hanging out with the Luractics was awesome fun. There were heaps of fast dogs out today and yes we rocked it with our American Indian Dog moves and speed.


Natalie Hirshman said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Diamond sure ripped. OohRah and Trixie killed it too.

Wolvinya said...
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Wolvinya said...

Too bad Hansel und Derek didn't let O&T bite their dust!


madcorona said...

Wow to cool.hey illandia if you have some pics for O an T you wanne send me i can place them between all race doggies, where they belong lol

Scott & Iilandia said...

where do u want me to send the pics and how many???

madcorona said...

to the account please lol nice onces from the lure, so O & T can be placed in that little picture thing i made from the race doggies