Sunday, December 9, 2007

3 Dog Christmas Party!

Trixie trying on her outfit before heading to 3 Dog Christmas party..."You look smashing."
Momma looks like one of Santa's helpers.
Patiently waiting for Santa Clause. Looks like Trixie is actually smiling...she is besides herself waiting for Santa. OoRah of course looks sexy in his Christmas loin clothe.
This lil cutie is all decked out in holiday cheer.
A face only a mum and of course Santa could love.
Santa finally arrived...whose been naughty and whose been nice?
Want to give a "bark" out to Cooper the Great Dane who is recovering from knee surgery. "Get well soon Cooper!"

1 comment:

~WOLVINYA~ said...

You insane American!!
Dressing the dogs up as soon as any occasion comes along! ;-}

A Saarlooswolfhond would already have torn it's outfit to pieces...

Poor Cooper; that will take some time rehabilitating.