Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today we went to visit Grandmama and Grandpa...and of course to pick up some Black Eye Peas and Collard Greens for our New Year's Day tea. Grandmama makes the best Black Eye Peas and Collards...they so good it makes ya wanna slap somebody!
Grandmama and Grandpa have a awesome back yard and we ran and played all day.
We took a lil break to take some pics.
Then it was time for a rare family picture.
We finally got to meet momma's brother, our Uncle Landie. Since we were visiting, Landie made an extra effort to stop by. He works odd hours and it has been over two years since momma last saw him.
Check out Grandpa and our cousin Big Mama Sassy relaxing.
We had a great time visiting Grandmama and Grandpa and meeting our Uncle. It was a cool way for sure to complete 2007.
And then when we got home, to every one's surprise, love came a knocking...literally.

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~WOLVINYA~ said...

Great your family got together again!!

And Bootzzz,shall I turn my doorbell on? Looks like 2008 is gonna bring big changes.